ECAT: the Paperless Solution to Compliance

Enhanced Compliance Application Tool (ECAT) is a secure web-hosted software solution that automates compliance monitoring, real-time diversity utilization reporting, prompt payment enforcement and contractor compliance communications.


Timely and Responsive goal-setting
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ECAT is under SSL certificate. SSL is a secure protocol developed for sending information securely over the Internet.


ECAT provides a real-time utilization summary of goals, commitments, attainments and project requests, so clients can communicate project specifics and parameters effectively.

Automated Compliance

Automates Requests to Add/Substitute/Terminate subcontractor/sub consultant(s) to ensure only eligible firms participate and are credited properly toward goal commitments.

Flags administrative errors, omissions, or discrepancies and enables the opportunity to address the errors prior to submittal.

Prompt Payment

Real-time reporting and verification of payment. Online verification of multi-tier subcontractor payments.

AD HOC Reports

Ad Hoc report options (by funding, certification, timeframe, work type). Qualified diversity firm pool development.

FTA - Federal Transit Administration
California Transportation Commission
FHA - Federal Highway Administration
DIR - Department of Industrial Relations
Tiger Discretionary Grant Program
Department of Transportation
FAA - Federal Aviation Administration
Build Grants
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